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Whoops, That’s an error! — How to Fix Any Blogger Bx Error (Fixed October 2018)

Recently people have been having issues (including myself) adding custom domains to blogger today I’m bringing you a fix and showing how to do this under ten mins quickly.

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Google verification of domains: Second step to fix any bx error while adding a custom domain to blogger.

  1. Click on the following link –

 Google search console.


You are directed to google search console → sign in with your Google account which is associated with blogger.

  1. Now click on start now→ ADD Property→ Put you NEW CUSTOM DOMAIN with initials.

 Example: (.online or any other domain)

  1. Now a new box of verification is opened. You have to scroll down and select the DOMAIN NAME PROVIDER.
  2. You will be directed to a new page. Select your domain provider. And if your provider is not in list selectors.
  3. Select the option in blue “ADD CNAME.”
  4. Copy theDNS configuration:CNAME Label / Host and CNAME Destination / Target.
  5. Paste this DNS configuration to your DNS configuration of the domain provider. This step verifies your domain as you get in blogger.
  6. Please note all this configuration added underCNAME
  7. Now add all thesefiveDNS configuration in your domain provider DNS Management and save them:

  CNAME :  www (Host name ) ( value/ address)

1    A  :        @                                          

2    A :         @                                          

3    A  :        @                                          

4    A  :        @                                          

  1. Now in google Search Console (After 5 -10 mins ) click on verify.

And now you all set. Now you can add your custom domain to your blogger without any bx error.

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