How to get a free WordPress site, Free Domain and Free Hosting

On a budget? Not Ready to spend much on hosting?..

Today i want to share a method with you that few people know, on how to get A free domain and free Hosting to run WordPress on.

Lets get started

To start you have to get a free domain from freenom, to get ths you’ll have to go to and type, in a domain name you like, you will register the domain the same way you register domain on paid domain registrar site,

if you’re having any issues with with registering your domain contact me or type this keyword into Google Search engine (how to register a free domain from there are many tech sites that provides solution to that,

Now to to to sign in to your freenom account, then click on my domains from the drop down menu, it will bring a list of your domains, stroll your domain  and click on manage domain, click on management tools ⇒ nameservers ⇒ use a custom nameservers ⇒ then fill the name server box with the below nameservers then click on change nameservers

Now after buying your free domains, go to to sign up for a free hosting plan,
after signing up, login to your c panel and stroll to domains ⇒ click on  add on domain, then enter the URL you will like to use for your blog, enter the domain and click add domain, after that your domain will be added to byet host.

In your Cpanel Click on Softaculous and you will see many platforms through which you can install your web but ignore them all and select the first option which is WordPress After that a new page will appear just click on the Install button

Fill in the require details such as your email address by replacing the default email with your real email address  change your user name and password from admin for security reasons.

  • Clear Wp and leave the space empty.
  • Write your blogs title but don’t worry even if you leave it you can change it later
  • Leave Enable multisite (WPMU) unchecked
  • After filling all the required fields just scroll down and hit on install


Now you have successfully installed WordPress on your blog and when you visit your site link now e.g you will see it is a WordPress blog and your site is now running on WordPress script.

3,How to manage your Newly set up WordPress blog?
let assume your website  to be
To login your admin mode you can just use the link as bellow make sure you don’t use my site name change it your own site name

And you will see a page to login . just insert your username and password which you used initially when installing WordPress on your blog and hit the login button now you will be taken to your site management section.

Here you can create new post , add new theme , edit your posts, manage comments, add plugins, customize site and theme , do all required site settings and every other thing a needed on your WordPress blog.

Now you have a running WordPress blog but I know you don’t like that theme that is default on your blog you can download more good looking themes such as ViralBlog lite | Frontier etc to give your site a good design.

After downloading the then just login as shown above then click on Appearance select Theme and click on Add new theme you can now upload the theme you have downloaded after successful upload activate it to get it working on your blog.You can change your theme as many times as you want.

You can install any plugin of your choice and do other needed settings in the settings section .

Lost??? , you can leave a comment and ill get back to you…. or you can visit YouTube for WordPress tutorials ….

YOU now have your free domain and free WordPress site!!!

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