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How To Change Your Google Assistant Voice


Do you have a Google Voice Home speaker or utilize Google Assistant on your smartphone or tablet? Are you tired of hearing the equal voice? Good news! You now have new options! You now have the opportunity to change that default voice you rely on to inform you about the weather, information, and element your daily agenda from your calendar.

Not very long ago Google announced six new voices to pick out from as your Google Assistant which includes singer John Legend’s voice. So now you can choose a voice that pleases your ear or trade the voice every so often for variety’s sake. The new voices nonetheless sound computer-generated but now not as unmistakably as in preceding versions.

When the new voices first rolled out returned in May, the available voices have been displayed as a listing of voices named Voice 1, Voice 2, Voice 3, and so on. Feel free to tap on the radio buttons to hear the voices and make your choice that way. Based on where you live, you might additionally nonetheless see this list when you try to alternate the sound.

Just this week Google sent out an replace to the US market that changed the resolution screen from a bland listing of voices to one that grabs attention with its colorful interface. Google assigns each voice to color, and you scroll aspect to aspect amongst the shades.

Associating the voices you hear with the colors is a lot less complicated than remembering if you liked voice 2 or voice 8. The lag between the voices is less than it was once on the list, making it easier to select one without clicking the buttons over and over again.

Google has male and woman voices available. However, the hues are now not intended to correspond with any gender. The Google crew assures us they matched the colorations with the voices by way of random selection.

How to Select a New Voice

To alternate, the voice on your device, use the following steps. The adjustments that you make will follow to all your Google Assistant-enabled devices.

Android Phones and Tablets
1. Touch and preserve the Home button, open Google Assistant, or say “OK Google.” These options will all get you to the same place.

2. At the top-right, faucet the blue circle with a partial box in it.

3. Tap the three dots on the upper-right corner of your screen.

4. Select Settings and then faucet Preferences.

5. Choose Preferences.

6. Tap Assistant Voice.

7. Have enjoyable with the new interface, and once you have chosen your voice, exit the settings menu.

Google Home Speakers
If you personal Google Home speakers, you can software your voice desire this way.

1. Make sure that your Device is on the same wi-fi network as your Google Home device.

2. Open the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet.

3. Tap More Settings.

4. Select Preferences.

5. Tap Assistant Voice.

6. Select a new voice.

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Multiple Users

Using Google Home, you can enable exclusive customers to pick a personalized voice assistant. Once you’ve set up your voice, you can invite extraordinary human beings in your household. Not only will this provide them a remarkable voice, but it additionally maintains their data separate from yours for calendars, purchases, etc.

Google Assistant is an accessible tool for keeping you organized, but if you get bored rapidly listening to that same digital voice over and over again, you’ll revel in the new voices! And the colorized interface is an elegant touch, making it even less complicated to use. Can you tell which voice color John Legend is?

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