Fastest ways to know your Intel Processor Generation

With so many generations of Intel processors released, it gets hard to keep up with generations and we want to quickly be able to identify these chips.

Today i’m showing you two ways to quickly identify Intel core processors generations, or to simply know your processor generation.

First Way: Via the stickers

Note: These sticker designs also apply for Pentium, Celeron and the rest

1st Gen Stickers

2nd and 3rd Gen Stickers


4th and 5th Gen Stickers

6th Gen Stickers

7th Gen stickers

8th Gen Stickers

Second Way: Checking Via system properties

Windows 10

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Windows 7 and below

Right-click the Computer icon if it is available on the desktop and select “Properties” from the pop-up menu to open the System properties window. Finally, if theComputer window is open, you can click on “System properties” near the top of the window to open the System.

If its an i3-XXX , its first gen 
If its an i3-2XXX, its 2nd gen
also, If its an i3-3XXX, its 3rd gen 

and soo on 😉


Third way: Using the system utility

  1. Press the Windows key and the letter at the same time. Windows plus S
  2. Type System. Choose System or System Information.
  3. System Information window will show the Processor option that will have the number, name, and speed of the processors.This is an example of system information showing the processor’s name and number under Processor field.




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