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Change Default Windows 10 Cortana Search Engine

Microsoft likes to hold you in their personal space. If you’ve ever used Cortana or tried searching for something from the Start menu, it makes use of Bing to explore. When you click on the returned search result, it opens in the Edge browser, even-even though it is no longer the default browser. And naturally, Windows 10 doesn’t come with a convenient way to alternate this behavior. Though you can’t immediately rotate the default search engine, you can force Windows 10 to use Google and open consequences in your preferred browser. This article will help you know you how to do that.

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Set Google as your “Default Search Engine” for Start Menu

Since Windows 10 has no options to exchange the default search engine or the browser when looking from the Start menu, we need to force the install. To do that you are going to use a free and open-source software referred to as Search Deflector.

Using it, so you can your redirect all the searches to your preferred search engine in your favored browser.

You no longer need to use Bing and Edge. All you have to do is installation Search Deflector and inform it what search engine and browser to use.

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1. First, go to the software’s legit GitHub page and download the brand new version of Search Deflector. After downloading the setup, double-click on the .exe file and proceed to install it.

2. While you’re installing it, The app asks you to set up the configuration by using choosing the browser of your choice. Search Deflector mechanically finds all the established browsers on your machine and lists them. To pick out the browser, kind the wide variety related with it and press Enter. In my case, because I use Firefox, I typed in 3.

Furthermore, You can also select the alternative “System Default.” This option makes positive that the search outcomes will continually open in your cutting-edge default browser. The up-side of this method is that if you ever trade your default browser, you don’t have to reconfigure Search Deflector again.

3. Confirm your preference by entering “Y.”

4. Choose your preferred search engine with the aid of getting into the associated number. Since we favor Google as the default search engine, type “7” and press Enter.

5. Again, verify your preference by way of coming into “Y.”

6. You are done configuring Search Deflector. Press Enter to shut the configuration window.

7. On the first set up window, click on on the Finish button to whole the installation procedure.

To take a look at it, search for something web-related and press Enter. For the first time, you will be requested to select a default program. Select “launcher.exe,” pick the checkbox “Always use this app” also click the “OK” button.

Also, Search Deflector will redirect the search requests to the search engine of your desire and open it in your favored browser.

Quick outcomes will nonetheless be served using Bing but ignore it. Also when you click on on the results, Search Deflector will redirect them by your configuration.

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In the future, if you choose to alternate the configuration of Search Deflector, open File Explorer, go to the Search Deflector set up folder and double-click on the “Setup.exe” file.

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