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Can i upgrade my laptop’s Graphics card?

Graphics cards are now important part of modern computers and i needed for so many things from heavy gaming all the way to video editing, but it wasn’t always this important or even important at all during the 19th century because requirements to run our favorite graphical programs where so little.

Upgrade-able Graphics cards

PC’s are now as strong as Gaming Consoles. Games nowadays require more resources than ever.

We have PC games that require high resources and components e.g GTA V, NBA 2k18, FIFA19, PES19, Batman, any quality blockbuster PC game being developed right now would be well above 15GB and more than 2gb dedicated graphics memory and that’s a lot, considering that we came from GTA vice city, COD4, Half-Life and the likes.

Many of us have gotten new laptops, when you first got it the laptop was awesome, it ran all your programs and games very well or at optimal performance then several months later, you tried to run a new game on your very good laptop and it didn’t run as well as you hoped.

It’s around this time you need to start looking for another laptop which is more powerful than your previous one because your needs have changed they are now higher than before, so you need a powerful system to enable you stay updated with your graphical interests.

Upgrade-able NVIDIA graphics card

Sadly, not every laptop can upgrade their graphics card, only a few laptops are manufactured with that option, also most laptops can’t upgrade their GPU’s.

So, you might be stuck with a laptop that has very little graphics or no graphics card at all, it isn’t the end of the world, you might just need to buy another laptop, Simple as that.



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